Energy (LNG)

We are one of the active law firms in the LNG business. We are recognized for our special expertise in
energy law and distinguished by our unique depth of experience in international energy transactions. We
provide top-quality legal and counseling services to our clients on a broad spectrum of energy and natural
resource transactions worldwide.
Our considerable experience in many segments of the energy industry, coupled with our extensive
regulatory work, gives us a strong position from which to facilitate energy and natural resources-related
business solutions.
A listing of our specific services in the LNG law is representative of our vast experience in the
representative and counseling services in the area of energy law. These are as follows:
• Represented Equity partner of a multi-billion dollar Joint Venture company in the Middle East.
• Represented LNG carriers, FPSO, and LNG liquefied/regas terminal builders.
• Represented a multi-billion dollar Texas energy company as an LNG commercial and market
developer before government-owned companies located throughout Asia, the Middle East, as well as
North and West Africa.
• Provided general counseling to seven international energy companies on legal issues, including
corporate, regulatory, labor and employment matters.
• Represented seven international energy companies in a dispute arising from a state-owned energy
company in the Middle East.