LNG Legal, Marketing, and Trade

Our extensive oil and gas marketing and trading practice serve as a natural complement to our proficiency in
energy law. The success of our expertise in dealing with energy practice is our understanding of the energy
industry’s requirements which helps us render efficient, practical advice to our clients.
We have exceptional proficiency in short-term and long-term oil and gas sale and purchase contracts. We
understand that successful marketing and trading requires regulatory, risk management and financing
expertise to accompany expert advice on transaction structuring and we serve our clients according to the
specific needs of their business.
Our services in LNG legal, marketing and trade:
• Represented one of the biggest buyers of LNG while negotiating with a state-owned energy
company in the Middle East and one of the largest U.S. energy companies.
• Represented a foreign state-owned energy company in negotiating with major U.S. energy
• Represented and Marketed LNG vessel/FPSO builders.
• Litigated on behalf of a Korean LNG vessel/FPSO builder in dispute arising out of a multi-million
construction project against a multi-billion dollar U.S. energy company.
• Represented and marketed an LNG Regas Terminal, an LNG carrier’s ship owner, and an LNG
transportation chartering company.
• Represented and marketed a multi-billion dollar LNG EPC contractor.
• Represented and marketed a multi-billion dollar U.S. energy company in forming joint ventures with
LNG companies in Korea, Qatar and Oman.